Introduction of EarReaders.

EarReaders3097 Verified uploader
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06 January 2016
Hello and welcome to my introduction thread. So, here it goes-

My name is EarReaders3097 (not really but you can call me that here tongue). I’m 26 years old guy residing in the north of the subcontinent of India. I am an introvert person in real life, which is why I try to be very friendly here on kat.

I have been browsing kat for years now downloading all the holy-unholy stuff which it so kindly offers. But I didn’t register myself here because kat never asked me to and I have always been a big seeder although, my maximum uploading speed is just 100 kbps and I cant help a whole lot of you guys but I try my best with whatever resources I have.think

I have always been a huge fan of audiobooks and I have been collecting them from how long, I don’t even remember. I polished my collection in my precious lil hard disk and felt like I am a proud owner of very precious jewels which no one knows about. winkchuckle

Then all of a sudden a thought just struck me that why don’t I start sharing the audiobooks I have collected and help everyone who is searching for them. So, I decided to make an account and started uploading. I was awestruck by the response I received from this community, so many likes and thank you’s on my torrents, it motivated me so much to upload and I have been uploading since.pirate

As to my hobbies, I love to play chess and read novels. I am a huge fan of Sherlock’s and Harry Potter’s be it books/audiobooks/movies/tv show.inlove

I strive to grow with everyone here.This is hands down the best website for torrents and it’s such a big community full of resources. I feel so glad to be a small smudge of this huge community of people so knowledgeable and reliable and assisting everyone day in and day out. I wish to be a part of this community till the end of times. I wish you all the very best in your life ahead. May we seed and grow forever. May we all forge connections that last life time.yeswait

I hope I’ll be to keep helping this community by uploading some rare torrents and helping them out in any way I possibly can. It’s my heart’s desire to know you all really well and prove myself to be a reliable friend. Thank you all for taking the time to know me.smilelovelinessclap

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anija0071010 Uploader
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13 March 2015
Thanks a lot for joining our family
Jaulis71 Uploader
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17 July 2016
best Introduction
Welcome to kat community smile
aashiq7864468 Uploader
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15 August 2012
Welcome to KAT!!! smile
ms.kray-z186 Uploader
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18 May 2016
Wow. I'm new to KAT and i got nothing to offer yet lol but i'll help seed rofl
MoodieMimi32.97K Super User
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28 January 2015
Welcome mate, we have crossed path before when I'm on the campaign track loveliness
my mind is so dark now I can't think of a proper welcome for you, but you said Harry Potter, so I recommend you to upload the sequel for us, it's in very high demand and it's called Harry Pusheen lol


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[5c4lLY349]51.7K Uploader
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12 December 2014
obito.965255 Verified uploader
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25 February 2016
Hello and welcome on the KAT Communitywave
BBCLover70.98K Translator
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18 June 2014
Hi, nice to meet you.

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